St. Augustine grass is a coarse textured, stoloniferous species that roots at the nodes. Unlike bermudagrass, St. Augustine grass does not have rhizomes.

Bermuda grass is a highly variable, sod forming perennial that spreads by stolons, rhizomes and seed. Stolons of bermuda grass readily root at the nodes.

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At Sod 2 Day of Tallahassee FL our landscapers  architects do more than just provide sod installation and removal services we install sprinkler irrigation "run watering systems". They create a complete visual package that works with your architecture's aesthetic and your surrounding biomes. This takes not only a keen eye for visual detail, but also an expansive knowledge of biology and ecology. Be sure to checkout all of our services.


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At SOD 2 DAY, we treat what we do as a form of high art: it's beautiful, elegant, timeless, and expressive. Our mission is to provide the state capitol with top quality services and amazing customer service

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Zoysia grasses are sod-forming persistent species that holds both stolon’s and rhizomes. The blades turn brown after the first hard frost and are amongst the first to green up in the spring.

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Centipede grass is a coarse-textured perennial grass that spreads by stolons. The stolons have a creeping growth habit with rather short upright stems that resemble a centipede .